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Glen Hills Middle School

Welcome to Glen Hills Middle School

We are looking forward to a successful school year and want each of our scholars to experience academic and social success. Fostering a positive and productive learning environment requires all staff, scholars and families/caregivers to share the same commitment to schoolwide expectations. The Glen Hills Way defines who we are as a working and learning community through its focus on Respect, Responsibility, and Inclusion. 



We are a community in which everyone takes responsibility for challenging themselves to learn and grow.


We are a community that respects ourselves, others, and our school community through our words and works. 


We are a community that welcomes, includes, affirms, and celebrates individual differences. 

We are a community that builds trusting relationships through honest and positive interactions.

Schoolwide expectations for scholars are laid out in the Family and Student Handbook. We ask that our families/caregivers take time to review these expectations and discuss them with your scholar.  School staff and scholars will spend time clarifying, reflecting on, and discussing the Glen Hills Way and expectations during the first days of school and throughout the school year.

Principal, Willie Williams 

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